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Weeks Are Just A Guideline

We will get as many good pictures as we can for you.
We also sell heart beat teddy bears and gender reveal cannons!
Clips and images all sent directly to your phone for easy access right from the machine as well as printed!

Peace Of Mind


6 weeks+, 15 minutes 2D black and white session, hear babies heartbeat, no printed pictures

First Glance


6 weeks+, recorded heartbeat, 10-15 minutes 2D session, black and white photos

Gender Reveal


As early as 15 weeks, find the gender, 20 minute session, 2D black and white photos, 3D when possible



8 weeks+, recorded heartbeat, 20 minutes 2D/3D/4D/HD session, with black and white photos and color 3D photos



8 weeks+,  recorded heartbeat, 20-25 minutes 2D/3D/4D/HD session, with black and white photos and color 3D photos, and heartbeat teddy bear of your choice

2 for 222


Our anniversary special! Two 30 min sessions, 2D, 3D, 4D, HD, printed pictures, recorded hearted, a heartbeat plushy, and everything sent to your phone digitally for safe storage. An amazing deal!

One Hour With Your Little One


One whole hour in the room which gives you plenty of time to get those great images you want. Spend the hour with one of the owners, Rebecca, who will walk you through and tell you about everything you see. A truly intimate session with your baby and loved ones. 2D, 3D, 4D, HD recorded heartbeat, printed pictures and all images and recordings sent to your phone.

Watch Me Grow


Custom 3 Session package, as many good pictures as we can get, heart beat teddy bear

Peace of Mind Pearl


custom 6 visit package, watch your baby grow! one visit a month after the first trimester, 2D, 3D, HD images. Our best package!

Join In


30 minute session. A truly one of a kind experience. Find and record baby's heartbeat with the help of our technician and personally curate four 3D(HD) images of your choice, includes 2D and 4D as well.

Gender Reveal Premier! 


Our Gender Reveal Package plus an 8 inch heart beat plushie and a mini gender reveal cannon!

See You Soon


Special option for those who are 35+ weeks. This includes guaranteed 2D black and white images, and when 3D 4D HD images are possible we add an additional $19.99.

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